How Uphold works

Uphold is a broker that lets you buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrency, precious metals, fiat currencies, and U.S. equities.

What makes Uphold unique is its cross-asset trading. You can trade between any of the assets it offers, meaning you could trade a cryptocurrency for a stock, or a precious metal for a foreign currency.

In addition to trading, Uphold offers several other financial services, including:

  • A debit card called the Uphold Card that lets you pay with any of the assets in your account and earn rewards on your spending.
  • Instant fee-free payments to friends and family worldwide.
  • Receiving payments from an employer in any currency or combination of currencies you want.
  • Withdrawals to bank accounts in over 30 countries or to private crypto wallets.
  • A staking program to earn rewards on your cryptocurrency balances.
  • Integration with Brave, a free browser that allows you to earn Brave Rewards paid in the Basic Attention Token (BAT) cryptocurrency.